Our sheltering season begins November 8, 2015 and goes through April 10, 2016.
Volunteers must be 18 or older and have taken Overflow Shelter Training.

Volunteer needs:

Week 2 Sheltering (Nov. 15-22) – Sign up now
Contact Ruth with questions at 701-261-7768

Week 3 Sheltering (Nov. 22-30) – Sign up now
Contact Dave with questions.

Week 4 Sheltering (Nov. 30-Dec.7)
Contact Karen to sign up at 701-282-3321. Male volunteers needed.

Week 6 Sheltering (Dec. 13-20) – Sign up now
Contact Kjersten with questions.

Finding the location:

When signing up online, you can see the location of each shelter by navigating to the “location” tab on the calendar.

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The shelters in our community (New Life Center, Churches United for the Homeless, Dorothy Day House, Gladys Ray Shelter) can still use your help with SO many projects. Remember, homelessness is not only a “cold season” issue, and our continued efforts throughout the year will help us move toward a permanent solution.