new service opportunity

Stepping Stones Resource Center provides homeless prevention and intervention services for transition age youth from ages 16-26 with most of the persons served just under age 22. Since opening in 2009, SSRC continues to see over 800 youth each year, serving as a drop-in center where youth can access basic needs (food, clothing, hygiene, winter gear, etc.) as well as utilize laundry, showers, safe day-time sleep space, computers, case management, education/employment assistance, life skills education and mental health services.

They also operate a 5 bedroom Transitional Living Program, and in the spring of 2014 will be opening ND’s first permanent supportive housing program with 21 single units and four 2-bedroom family units.

In working with youth who are engaged in survival sex to make ends meet, sneaking into apartment stairwells, walking around Wal-Mart all night, doing whatever they have to do to stay out of the elements—our staff began discussing the option of keeping SSRC open overnight 7 days a week. To keep this option open for youth for the remaining cold months, we will need to access overnight volunteers.

The guests who will utilize Extended Hours are pre-screened by our licensed social workers and most likely will be very familiar to the center. SSRC has the bedding, air-beds, couches, food, etc. we just need the overnight staff supervision.

Contact Sarah Kennedy for more information at 701.232.3301.                                           

Learn more about Stepping Stones Resource center online.


too many shifts, too few volunteers

These are the remaining open shifts for THIS week (We know, it’s a lot). Without you, we may not be able to stay open (unless one volunteer goes without sleep for a week, which would be unfortunate). Please sign up if you can! If you can only work a partial shift, contact Denise Bakkum at 218.443.2208 or – she may still be able to use your help.

Sign up at

  • Wed 11/20: Woman, 4:00-7:30a
  • Wed 11/20: Woman, 11:30p-4:15a
  • Thu 11/21: Man/Woman, 11:30p-4:15a
  • Fri 11/22: Man/Woman, 4-7:30a
  • Fri 11/22: Man, 8:30-11:45p
  • Fri 11/22: Man, 11:30p-4:15a
  • Sat 11/23: Man/Woman, 4-7:30a
  • Sat 11/23: Man, 8:30-11:45p
  • Sun 11/24: Man/Woman, 4-7:30a