award-winning service

FM Sheltering Churches received the 2013 organization of the year award from the City of Fargo, announced at the annual celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Learn more about what our organization has been doing for the past three years in this video produced for the award ceremony by The People’s Press Project of Fargo-Moorhead.


all we want for christmas…

We need at least two women to serve on Christmas Day at 11:30pm and the following morning at 4am. Right now we have NO women signed up for those two shifts, and without a woman present, we cannot provide proper hospitality/security for our female guests.

Please consider serving and sharing Christ’s love this Christmas—and feel free to bring a little Christmas spirit with you (cider, a Christmas movie, holiday treats… or anything else you like).

Contact Violet Deilke at 701.371.3306 if you have questions about these shifts.

Sign up at

no more volunteerspot?

We are considering switching online volunteer registration platforms.  We would love to have our volunteers collaborate as we move forward to find a platform that is easy to use, documents the proper information, and integrates with our system.

If you know of something that works well, or are interested in being part of a focus group, send a note to Andrea Wagner at

week 2: open shifts

These are the remaining shifts for this week. Without you, we may not be able to stay open (Shifts in bold are ESSENTIAL). Please sign up if you can! If you have questions, contact John Marchand at 701.412.1418 or

Sign up at

  • Wed 11/27: Man, 2-8a
  • Wed 11/27: Man, 8p-2a
  • Thu 11/29: Man/Woman, 2-8a
  • Thu 11/29: Man, 8p-8a
  • Fri 11/29: Man, 8p-2a
  • Sat 11/30: Man, 2-8a
  • Sat 11/30: Man, 8p-2a
  • Sun 12/1: Man, 2-8a
  • Sun 12/1: Woman, 2-8a

too many shifts, too few volunteers

These are the remaining open shifts for THIS week (We know, it’s a lot). Without you, we may not be able to stay open (unless one volunteer goes without sleep for a week, which would be unfortunate). Please sign up if you can! If you can only work a partial shift, contact Denise Bakkum at 218.443.2208 or – she may still be able to use your help.

Sign up at

  • Wed 11/20: Woman, 4:00-7:30a
  • Wed 11/20: Woman, 11:30p-4:15a
  • Thu 11/21: Man/Woman, 11:30p-4:15a
  • Fri 11/22: Man/Woman, 4-7:30a
  • Fri 11/22: Man, 8:30-11:45p
  • Fri 11/22: Man, 11:30p-4:15a
  • Sat 11/23: Man/Woman, 4-7:30a
  • Sat 11/23: Man, 8:30-11:45p
  • Sun 11/24: Man/Woman, 4-7:30a

early open?

We’ve noticed it’s already pretty cold outside (um, hello Red River Valley). Unfortunately our overflow shelter season doesn’t start until Nov. 17, but area shelters are already having to turn guests away due to overcapacity.

We decided that if we can get enough volunteers, and find an available site, we will open early! And because this week is not ‘sponsored’ by one particular congregation, volunteers could be harder to come by. Will you consider a shift from Nov. 10-17?

Sign up online

If we do not fill the calendar or do not find a site, we will not open early – so don’t wait until the last minute to sign up for this one!

If you have not taken a training session yet, just let us know. We will find a way to get you trained prior to your shift.