Volunteer for Week 3

Week 3 of sheltering is November 20-27 and shifts are available to sign up for. Please contact Dave at 701-799-7550 if you have questions. Click here to sign up today!


funding new mattresses


FM Sheltering Churches is hoping to replace 50 mattresses used for overflow sheltering by March 15, 2016.

Our total goal is $2500 which will purchase 50 mattresses at $50 apiece.

Gifts can be made online. Just visit the GoFundMe campaign and make a donation safely and securely for any amount.


Checks can be sent to Central Cities Ministries at PO Box 1912, Fargo ND 58107. It is very important that the memo line for checks indicate FM Sheltering Churches. 


volunteer for the wilder survey

The 2015 Wilder Survey of Homelessness in Fargo-Moorhead will take place Thursday, October 22. The survey relies on volunteers to interview people experiencing homelessness.

Volunteers will receive training (either online or in-person) and will be asked to take a two-hour shift (consisting of 30-40 minute interviews). As a volunteer with the FM Sheltering Churches Project, you are better-prepared than most to witness and record these amazing and often heart-wrenching stories.

Consider signing up, and inviting a friend.

Volunteer Now

After you sign up, the volunteer coordinator will notify you of the training opportunities, your interviewing assignment and location, and of the time and place of the Friday event. Additionally, there will be an opportunity to process your experience, give and receive support to other volunteers and learn something of the overall picture on Friday, October 23. 

For more information contact Laurie Baker, Executive Director of FM Coalition for Homeless Persons via email or by calling 701-715-2648.

local students invite community to look at housing solutions

MSUM students are inviting local pastors, parish nurses, church sheltering coordinators/volunteers, youth pastors, shelter directors and others to come together for a one hour conversation.

4-5pm, Tuesday, February 17th
Butler Room, YWCA Shelter
3000 University Drive, Fargo

The conversation will focus on working together to increase access to affordable housing.

Public Service Announcement

Because of the high numbers of families staying at the local shelters or being temporarily diverted or housed in local hotels, community leaders from local government, faith communities and non-profit service providers called an emergency meeting Friday, December 15th, 2014. Approximately 50 attended.

We continue working to strategically respond from many angles and we know that providing a home is our best chance at sustainably moving forward. This group is asking the community to provide 20 homes by January 1, 2015. We need landlords to allow families to move into existing units to make this happen.

This is an urgent need. Please help us find homes for our neighbors. 

There are a number of families in the shelters who have income, vouchers to pay rent, and case management to support their housing stabilization. These families or even single adults could move into housing (an apartment) if a landlord would accept the vouchers. There are incentives for the landlord/property management who rents to these families, including coverage for damage or lost rent through the Landlord Risk Mitigation Fund, and we have worked to make the process efficient for the landlord who has an available unit now.

If you have housing to rent and are interested in learning more, call Jen at 701.866.5533.


To renters:

Holiday warmth is a cold promise if you are a homeless family. At least 20 families have the support to succeed, including access to a fund that insures the landlord’s property and rents.

If you have housing to rent, call Jen 701-866-5333.

For more information: http://www.fmhomeless.org (under Landlord Risk Mitigation Fund)

This is a partnership of Churches United for the Homeless, Central Cities Ministries, the FM Coalition for Homeless Persons and other emergency shelters. For more information contact Jane Alexander or Jen Engquist (CUFH), Rev. Sue Koesterman (CCM) or Laurie Baker (FM Coalition for Homeless Persons). 

open shifts starting sunday

Open shifts for Week 18. We would prefer to fill the bold shifts first, as without those we cannot keep the shelter open. Contact Dave Engstrom at 701.799.7550 with any questions. Training is available for any new volunteers.

Sign up at http://vols.pt/Bk596a

  • Sun 3/16: Woman, 11:30p-4:15a
  • Sun 3/16: Man, 11:30p-4:15a
  • Mon 3/17: Woman, 4-7a
  • Tue 3/18: Man 4-7a
  • Tue 3/18: Woman 4-7a
  • Tue 3/18: Man 8:30-11:45p
  • Tue 3/18: Man 11:30p-4:15a
  • Wed 3/19: Man 4a-7:30a
  • Wed 3/19: Woman 4a-7:30a
  • Wed 3/19: Man 8:30-11:45p
  • Thu 3/20: Woman 4-7:30a
  • Thu 3/20: Man 8:30-11:45p
  • Thu 3/20: Man 11:30p-4:15a
  • Thu 3/20: Woman 11:30p-4:15a
  • Fri 3/21: Man 4a-7:30a
  • Fri 3/21: Woman 4a-7:30a
  • Fri 3/21: Man 8:30-11:45p
  • Sat 3/22: Man 4a-7:30a
  • Sat 3/22: Woman 4a-7:30a
  • Sat 3/22: Man 11:30p-4:15a
  • Sat 3/22: Woman 11:30p-4:15a
  • Sun 3/23: Man 4-7:30a
  • Sun 3/23: Woman 4-7:30a