Strategic Goals

Goal 1 – Supportive Housing

Objective 1: Increase the availability of permanent supportive housing in our community

  • Offered letters of support and testimony for the Churches United grant application for building of a 41 unit supportive apartment complex in Moorhead.
  • Prepared to offer letters of support and testimony to a supportive apartment complex being designed by the YWCA in partnership with Sisters of the Presentation.

Objective 2: Work with property managers to enhance the ability to access housing

  • Gave testimony supporting the importance of the landlord risk mitigation fund and guide those who are homeless to apply for these funds. More than 15 families have applied for these funds and many of them are now successfully living in apartments.
  • Supporting the development of the coordinated assessment process used by multiple agencies to help individuals identify the services for which they are eligible which expedites getting them into affordable housing.
  • Just participated in a community conversation convened by Bishop Terry Brandt which identified specific strategies that can be applied to strengthen families to reduce the risk for them becoming homeless in the first place.
  • Worked with local hospitals to develop a specific question asked on admission which helps identify those who are or are at risk of becoming homeless so they can have housing support addressed as part of their discharge plan.
  • Collaborate with the Jail Chaplains who are instrumental in Project Home which provides healthy re-entry opportunities, accountable housing, and mentoring for individuals being discharged from jail.


Goal 2 — Direct Support

Objective 3: Promote supportive services with churches through partnership, mentorship and volunteerism to help keep people in housing

  • We have increased the number of church volunteers who are working in the local shelters and are working to identify specific activities they can do to support individuals and families who have transitioned into housing.
  • We are working with a group of students from MSUM on a project called Fresh Start which gathers household supplies necessary to start a home to help individuals be successful as they transition into an apartment.
  • We are working with Isaiah to support policies that promote housing as a right. Please join us on Sunday, April 12th at 3 p.m. at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd located at 4000 28th Street South in Moorhead as we discuss issues and solutions with local and state elected officials.


Goal 3 – Faith to Engagement

Objective 4: Work with congregations to offer activities in which people may engage

  • We have increased financial support of housing by faith based individuals as evidenced by the thousands of dollars donated on Giving Hearts Day.
  • We have increased community understanding of the factors that can lead people and families to homelessness to begin to address these factors. More than 1,000 volunteers are now acutely aware of the needs and solutions. In addition, we worked with Concordia students to host a successful Home Matters event on February 17th.
  • We have elevated the level of respect and reduced the stigma of those who are experiencing homelessness by hosting Homeless Memorial Day on December 21st. This was a beautiful event attended by more than 150 people from across the community.
  • Every week churches all across our community pray for the individuals and families experiencing homelessness as well as for those who work to improve their situation with the understanding that prayer is a positive way to bring recognition, recovery and resilience.


Homelessness is a very complex issue and it does take time to develop and implement the multitude of solutions needed to eliminate the need to offer warm, safe sleeping space in our churches. We are in the 4th year of providing space in the churches but for a project that is being done solely by volunteer effort we believe we have accomplished a great deal and that we are much closer to a point where we can get individuals and families into housing rather than opening our church doors for the night.  We thank you in advance for your support and prayer for this important work.


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