volunteer for the wilder survey

The 2015 Wilder Survey of Homelessness in Fargo-Moorhead will take place Thursday, October 22. The survey relies on volunteers to interview people experiencing homelessness.

Volunteers will receive training (either online or in-person) and will be asked to take a two-hour shift (consisting of 30-40 minute interviews). As a volunteer with the FM Sheltering Churches Project, you are better-prepared than most to witness and record these amazing and often heart-wrenching stories.

Consider signing up, and inviting a friend.

Volunteer Now

After you sign up, the volunteer coordinator will notify you of the training opportunities, your interviewing assignment and location, and of the time and place of the Friday event. Additionally, there will be an opportunity to process your experience, give and receive support to other volunteers and learn something of the overall picture on Friday, October 23. 

For more information contact Laurie Baker, Executive Director of FM Coalition for Homeless Persons via email or by calling 701-715-2648.


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