no more volunteerspot?

We are considering switching online volunteer registration platforms.  We would love to have our volunteers collaborate as we move forward to find a platform that is easy to use, documents the proper information, and integrates with our system.

If you know of something that works well, or are interested in being part of a focus group, send a note to Andrea Wagner at


2 thoughts on “no more volunteerspot?

  1. Hi, I’m a member of Sheffield’s Homeless And Rootless at Christmas (HARC) volunteer committee and we’re looking for something along the lines of VolunteerSpot that will work with WordPress. Did you have any luck with your question above? If so could you point me in any particular direction? Any help at all would be very much appreciated.

    • Joan! Thank you for asking. Actually, we are working on developing a custom WordPress theme with applicable plugins for this very purpose. Or at least something that can be open source so that other organizations (like you!) can spend their time doing good rather than developing platforms. I will send you a private email so that we can be in touch.

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