week 2: open shifts

These are the remaining shifts for this week. Without you, we may not be able to stay open (Shifts in bold are ESSENTIAL). Please sign up if you can! If you have questions, contact John Marchand at 701.412.1418 or john@gomoorhead.com.

Sign up at http://vols.pt/3A6Dkw

  • Wed 11/27: Man, 2-8a
  • Wed 11/27: Man, 8p-2a
  • Thu 11/29: Man/Woman, 2-8a
  • Thu 11/29: Man, 8p-8a
  • Fri 11/29: Man, 8p-2a
  • Sat 11/30: Man, 2-8a
  • Sat 11/30: Man, 8p-2a
  • Sun 12/1: Man, 2-8a
  • Sun 12/1: Woman, 2-8a

what do you say?

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