too many shifts, too few volunteers

These are the remaining open shifts for THIS week (We know, it’s a lot). Without you, we may not be able to stay open (unless one volunteer goes without sleep for a week, which would be unfortunate). Please sign up if you can! If you can only work a partial shift, contact Denise Bakkum at 218.443.2208 or – she may still be able to use your help.

Sign up at

  • Wed 11/20: Woman, 4:00-7:30a
  • Wed 11/20: Woman, 11:30p-4:15a
  • Thu 11/21: Man/Woman, 11:30p-4:15a
  • Fri 11/22: Man/Woman, 4-7:30a
  • Fri 11/22: Man, 8:30-11:45p
  • Fri 11/22: Man, 11:30p-4:15a
  • Sat 11/23: Man/Woman, 4-7:30a
  • Sat 11/23: Man, 8:30-11:45p
  • Sun 11/24: Man/Woman, 4-7:30a

what do you say?

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