remaining shifts for week 5

Can you fill one of these shifts? The ones in bold are most needed. Sign up online.

  • 1/1, male, 4-7:30a
  • 1/2, female, 4-7:30a
  • 1/3, male, 4-7:30a
  • 1/3, male, 8:30p-12a
  • 1/4, male, 4-7:30a
  • 1/4, female, 4-7:30a
  • 1/4, male, 8:30p-12a
  • 1/4, male, 11:30p-4:30a
  • 1/5, female, 4-7:30a
  • 1/5, male, 4-7:30a
  • 1/6, male, 4-7:30a

Before volunteering, be sure to attend one of the upcoming training sessions if you have not already. Volunteers must be 18 or older.


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