volunteers needed to keep shelter open

December 30th is fast approaching… and our volunteer calendar looks pretty bleak yet. We are praying for God’s hand in providing volunteers for Week 5 of sheltering so that we may keep the overflow shelter open. It is our hope to be able to avoid closing even once this year. If you are able to volunteer, please sign up by following the link below. If you are not, would you please pray with us?

We need your help for this shelter site between December 30th—January 6th (and also January 27—February 3).

Before volunteering, be sure to attend one of the upcoming training sessions if you have not already. Volunteers must be 18 or older.



5 thoughts on “volunteers needed to keep shelter open

  1. We’ve started honing the shifts down to the bare minimum so that we are certain to cover every one. Please look ahead on this same calendar to Week 9 (the end of January) as it is the same shelter site and will need just as many volunteers.

    For Week 9 let’s not give our guests the minimum, let’s give them our best!

  2. When we schedule only the minimum number of volunteers it is great to have some people on-call in the off chance that someone doesn’t show. If you are willing to be on-call, please send us an email with your contact info and the night you are available. Thank you!

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